GALAXY: Milky Way, PLANET: Earth, SPECIES: Humanoid. OCCUPATION: Author, GENRE: Sci-Fi…


Winter lives in the moment and loves nothing more than being surrounded by her family, her fur-babies, and a ton of great reads!

When she doesn’t have her nose stuck in a book, she’s usually thinking up faraway, fantastical worlds, or she’s cooking up a storm in the kitchen.


ALEXA WAYNE (AW): When did you find out you would want to write novels?

WINTER LAWRENCE: I’ve always had a very active imagination and I’ve always been an avid reader. With that being said though, the thought of actually writing a book never occurred to me until much later in life, and for some reason, I thought it would be an easy endeavor.

Sea of Secrets Anthology
Sea of Secrets Anthology

Boy was I wrong! Learning how to write a book and then publish one has been one of the most challenging experiences of my life. It’s a tough business, and one that, if I had known what I know now beforehand, I probably would have avoided, but now that I’m in-it-to-win-it, I’ve learned to take a lot of things in stride and I just enjoy the process.


AW: You mentioned your work, all set in science-fiction settings, would you let our readers know why you are attracted to that genre?

WINTER LAWRENCE: I’m an escapist, and by that I mean when I read a book, or write one for that matter, I don’t want to read something that can happen to me. I want to read about something totally awesome and practically impossible.

I want magic. I want my imagination to short circuit! Most of us live very ordinary lives, and while I’ve definitely had my fair share of adventures, I still want to pick up a book and dive into an extraordinary world, where weird and crazy is the norm!

AW: When writing about sci-fi, do you do research and if so, how far do you go with your research?

WINTER LAWRENCE: I have an oddly heavy, very loose research policy. I know, it sounds contradictory and weird, but I’m a research junkie for some things, but not for others. Let me explain. When it comes to settings, character profiles, mannerisms, and all sort of little things, I’ll spend hours at the library or surfing the web, to make sure that I get everything right.

Eve 2.0 by Winter Lawrence
Eve 2.0 by Winter Lawrence

When it comes to lore though, I almost exclusively try to avoid any detailed information about the topic I’m writing on because I don’t want to unintentionally borrow someone else’s work.

For a short while before I begin a new manuscript, I’ll stop reading books in that genre and I’ll keep research to the bare minimum until I’m done with my first draft.

AW: What is most important to you when writing your novels?

WINTER LAWRENCE: I’m a theme girl, but I never think up a novel with a theme in mind—it’s actually the other way around. Most times, an idea strikes me at the oddest time, and I usually only get a glimpse of a character or a situation, so I have to expand on it.

I think up a beginning and ending, and in the process, themes come to me. As I said earlier, I’ve had my fair share of adventures, some good, some bad, and so while I want my writing to entertain people, I also want my creativity to have a positive impact on the world.

AW: Which authors influenced your writing in science-fiction?

WINTER LAWRENCE: For science fiction, I’d definitely go with H.G. Wells as the most influential author! I read The Time Machine when I was very young, but even back then it helped me realize how connected we are as humans, and how, despite time or place, there are some inherently sad laws of nature that we cannot seem to escape.

DOWNFALL The Supra Humans Vol.1 Anthology
DOWNFALL The Supra Humans Vol.1 Anthology

There are always winners and losers; there are always class divisions; there are always predators and prey. It was a tough pill to swallow, but it is reality, and so it helped me realize the importance of kindness, and of fairness and equality.

AW: Which of your novels is your favorite and why is it your favorite?

WINTER LAWRENCE: This is always such a tough question to answer because I love all of my stories! Each has come to me in a rather unique way and so picking the one I like the best is difficult. For the moment though, I’d have to say that I’m really digging No Good Deed.

It’s a short YA Supernatural Fiction story about two teenage girls who are seemingly very different, unconnected people, but as the story progresses, the reader learns that there’s much more to their relationship, and as both girls begin to discover the truth, they each handle their circumstances in different ways.

As a writer, making sure that all of that came together in an awesome, suspenseful way was really fun and exciting for me, and it’s inspired me to write a new YA novel about a girl searching for her mother.

AW: Do you believe in aliens visiting our world, by that I mean in abduction or close encounters of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th kind?

WINTER LAWRENCE: Of course! It would be unbelievably arrogant or ignorant of me, as a mere human, to deduce that we are the only intelligent life forms in the universe. So while I can’t prove their existence, I certainly believe (and hope) that we aren’t alone.

Nor would I blame them for scooping us up to try and figure us out on their own terms, because, let’s face it, if they were smart enough to make it here, then they should be smart enough to know that we aren’t the most welcoming bunch!

The Gothic Grimoire Anthology
The Gothic Grimoire Anthology

AW: What was your reaction when you learned a publisher wanted you as part of their authors? / What made you decide to be self-published?

WINTER LAWRENCE: I literally cried. Not ugly-girl cried, but I was definitely emotional about it. Like I said, the writing industry is a tough business, and while some people have smoother rides, it’s still a bumpy, often treacherous, journey.

AW: What sets you apart from other science-fiction?

WINTER LAWRENCE: I’m such a fan of the status quo, so it’s funny that I have to “break the mold” as a writer. For me, I do that by writing the way I like to read—with lots of action and dialogue that carries along the plot.

There are some authors who love to write long, detailed accounts of clothing and scenery, which is great, but I prefer showing less and doing more. It’s like science fiction for the ADD mind!

AW: What can readers look forward to from Winter Lawrence in 2019?

WINTER LAWRENCE: I’ve had the honor and privilege of being published in several of Gothic Bite Magazine’s anthologies, and I have several other short stories due out with GBM and the Sea of Secrets anthology this upcoming year.

I also have the first book of The Gamer Series due out Summer 2019, so it’s exciting times, friend! For the most up-to-date information on all of my literary adventures, readers can visit me at