The series follows the crew of the USS Discovery as they encounter new worlds and civilizations, delving into familiar themes and expanding upon an incident that has been talked about within the franchise’s universe but never fully explored. — Google

The Anticipation

Many people wondered about Captain Gabriel Lorca and if his death was final. After all, it is now the favorite thing to do in series. Ever since Game of Thrones, the death of many unsuspected leading roles became a “hot” thing to do. It is almost an expectation strangely with the viewers.

However, it seemed that before the season finale, the crew of the USS Discovery moved on with Captain Suru at the cons. Then again, we did hear the iconic music that started the Star Trek adventure more than fifty years ago. We did see the legendary numbers NCC 1701.

Star Trek Discovery - CBS All Access
Star Trek Discovery – CBS All Access

How would they fit in the Discovery world where the uniforms, the technology and the overall esthetic seemed so out of place compared to the Enterprise? Many questions were leaving the viewers on edge and wondering.

One More Captain

Captain Christopher Pike made its big entrance on the USS Discovery on January 17th, 2019. You read right, Captain Pike. Another captain now in his forties and rocking black slacks and a gold shirt, to witch a few remarks dropped and made it funny. We suspected that Pike would be the new Discovery captain, however, in the series he was present for one mission only.

Of course, the adventure took another turn, and Pike remained onboard Discovery as Enterprise was more in need of repair than first anticipated. It then brought the name that every viewer wanted and feared: Mr. Spock. Fans of the original series find it outrageous while overall fans like me of Star Trek TOS are intrigued. How would it all co-exist in this series and not obstruct the original timeline?

Star Trek: Discovery - CBS All Access
Star Trek: Discovery – CBS All Access

Just like songs, some characters are better left untouched. However, Spock might seem doable if done right. Of course, Leonard Nimoy is an icon; nobody can ever portray Mr. Spock like he did because he was the first to mold him and create his character which an entirely new character.

Any actor chosen to play Mr. Spock have this invisible pressure on their shoulders to bring justice to the name. To my eyes, the younger Mr. Spock is good because he does not create a conflict with TOS as he is younger and in the process of becoming the one we know.

The Evolution

The crew is now part of our weekly schedule. The camaraderie established, the crew seem to know their place and roles. Tilly now one of the favorites, received more screen time and it is incredible for fans like me. Some leave a hole when they leave while others are joining, like a new engineer, are refreshing.

Star Trek Discovery - CBS All Access
Star Trek Discovery – CBS All Access

What confuses me is why the Klingons—which we see less of this season so far, now has hair and L’Rell doesn’t show her burns on the left side of her face. I would like to know if it was under the reign of T’Kuvma that they shaved their hair or is it a choice? We are somewhat left in the dark here. Many questions require answers, and I trust we’ll know the reason because so far, DISCO had a reason for everything happening.

When it comes to the Mirror Universe, Georgiou is back with a fight. She is resourceful, and every time she shows on your screen, you know something is going to happen, and it’ll be a good episode. All we know is that she wants to climb to the top, but how she’ll achieve it and what would she accomplish to have answers.

Star Trek Discovery - CBS All Access
Star Trek Discovery – CBS All Access

What I enjoyed was the screen time given to secondary characters. They now have more freedom to express themselves and Joann Owosekun is one of those. Another friendship that develops along the show is Burnham and Suru which I found necessary and touching.

Star Trek Doing Its Thing!

One common theme to all Star Trek is to bring up sensitive themes and explore them. DISCO is no different. We see religion, the instalment of a rule that prohibits Starfleet from revealing themselves to civilization that is pre-warp. The question of death and its repercussion when we decide to play “God.”

We see many themes that has us think about what we should do if that would ever be our choice to make. In these conditions, I must say that Captain Pike is a good captain and the entire opposite of Lorca in a good way.

SPOILERS – It Is On You!

Two things caught my attention. When Pike walks into his ready room, there is a left-over fortune from a Chinese fortune cookie, bringing the subject of Captain Lorca up, then quickly disregarded, the words to me seemed to imply that it might not all be over after all. Maybe call it a hunch.

Star Trek Discovery - CBS All Access
Star Trek Discovery – CBS All Access

Also, I believe the AI to bring the birth of the Borg. There is no big surprise there; we are many to believe that it is the possibility to explain how the Borg started and how they’ve been at work for so long when presented to the crew of Star Trek The Next Generation through Q.

What do you think?

The OCD Borg,
Alexa Wayne